Field Notes


Yvonne invites you to celebrate the conclusion of Lily Cox-Richard's residency and the inauguration of her site-specific installation If Not An Hongo // Si no es un mushroom, with a casual gathering from 5-7 pm, Tuesday, January 17.

Cox-Richard's recent work has looked to the ways in which histories of labor and value are embedded in landscape and the built environment. At Yvonne, she has pursued an investigation of a specific biological occurrence native to Guatemala: this abnormal growth, which appears on trees in response to invasive species, is often misidentified as a mushroom. In a series of new sculptures and prints, Cox-Richard grounds the plant form in the architecture of Yvonne. Her concrete sculptures bring to life the distinctive floor tiles of the space, pairing them with the strange mushroom-like objects. How do the materials of architecture relate to larger cultural expressions of space and growth, she asks. What does a native growth look like, and what drives the consistent misidentification of it? Mushrooms have been widely studied for their medicinal and curative properties, as well as for their community growth patterns. If these objects are not mushrooms, then how do we re-think what they do? And, metaphorically, if we are working without the healing properties of mushrooms, but with the mysterious symbiotic tree growth, what are the potentialities that proposes instead? Opening the week of the U.S. inauguration, the question is as much environmental as political. How do we grow and survive in this new world that is being built around us? How can acts of necessary resistance turn into something beautiful?

Lily Cox-Richard es una escultora que ahora reside y trabaja en Houston, Texas. Sus exposiciones individuales incluyen Hirschl & Adler Modern (Nueva York), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), y el Museo Hudson River (New York). Ella ha recibido una beca de Artadia, un Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, y una beca posdoctoral an la universidad de Michigan. También ha recibido residencias en el programa "Core" del Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, la Millay Colony, la MacDowell Colony, y Artpace.

This residency and exhibition were made in conversation with a community of artists, writers, curators, and friends. Yvonne sends especial thanks and abrazos to Hellen Ascoli, James Sullivan, Esvin Alarcón Lam, Sergio Valencia Salazar, Jorge de León, Manuel Chavajay, Margarita Figueroa, Mario Santizo, Darío Escobar, Alba Escalón, Andy Campbell, and Mari Martínez.

Laura Wellen